Dads With a Purpose, Iowa


Encouraging and Equiping Men and Women to Effectively Build Sustainable Families

Dads With a Purpose is a Faith-Based Program

3100 6th Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa

PHONE: 515-718-4044


  • Monday: All House Meeting at 3100 6th Avenue, Des Moines (Bible study).

  • Tuesday: All Recovery Meeting at Faith Missionary Baptist Church, 3415 3rd Avenue, Des Moines.

  • Wednesday: Fellowship Meeting at Grubb YMCA, 1611 11th Avenue, Des Moines.


      • There is a ZERO tolerance for drug and/or alcohol use.
      • No tobacco in the house this includes SMOKING, VAPING, and CHEWING. There is a designated smoking area outside and it is expected to be kept clean.
      • Curfew is set at 10:00 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and 11:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Residents must attend four AA and/or NA meetings per week. Church service or bible study may count as one meeting with prior approval.
      • Guests are allowed ONLY in common areas of the house. No guests may stay overnight.
      • Random urinalysis screenings will be administered by DWP. Releases of information for Houseman and Liaison will be required to ensure the continuity of care.
      • Residents must follow continuing care plan established with DWP.
      • Residents must have a list of resources available for any assistance they may need.
      • Residents are assigned weekly chores and it is an expectation to clean up after one’s self daily (as-you-go).
      • Arrest and/or incarceration will void contract.
      • Any physical altercation will void contract.
      • NO STEALING. This includes taking food or belongings from others. Only Houseman can change thermostat.
      • There are no prorated rent amounts. For example: if you arrive on a Friday, you will not begin to be charged for rent until Sunday.
      • Deposits are non-refundable for all houses.

    • No sexual offenders allowed.
    • Residents on disability must volunteer or do community service minimum 30 hours/week must get approval from liaison.
    • Residents are expected to get a sponsor and work a 12-step program. Spiritual Programs and/or spiritual counseling is acceptable.
    • Residents in first 30 days are on a probationary period and are subject to following rules: Curfew is 9 p.m. Daily during the first 30 days
    • Residents can furlough after thirty days two (2) nights per week with prior approval from liaison by Wednesday 6:00 p.m. AND if they are current on rent.
    • Residents must attend a mandatory minimum number of meetings.
    • Residents probationary period ends after 30 days if current on rent and fulfilling all obligations previously outlined.
    • ALL HOUSES AND RESIDENTS: You must be current on rent to furlough- If you are behind on rent, the furlough request will be denied.